River City Pool Care

Residential Services

We offer a variety of services to make your pool more enjoyable.

Chemicals Only includes: weekly water analysis and chemical balancing to produce crystal clear water and sanitary conditions, and checking equipment running order. Price includes all chlorine, tablets, muriatic acid, soda ash, and alkalinity. $70

Chemicals - Baskets includes: all of Chemicals Only, plus empty the skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool sweep bag. $85

Chemicals - Filter includes: all of Chemicals - Baskets, plus clean the filter elements or back-wash filter dependent upon the filter size, filter type, and necessity (typically, 2 times per year). Starting at $100

Full Service includes: all of Chemicals - Filter, plus brush the wall, steps, and swimouts, weekly removal of a majority of the debris off the surface and floor. Basically all you need to do is swim and enjoy your pool with this service. Starting at $150

Spa Service with Pool Maintenance includes: weekly water analysis and chemical balancing to produce clear water and sanitary conditions, clean filter elements as needed. $40/month plus pool service. If a mineral pack is used it will be replaced every 4 months at market price.

These services may be tailored to meet your specific needs or requirements.

The services are weekly, with at least 48 service weeks per year.

Spring Conditioning: All pools are subject to a $30 charge for spring conditioning. This replenishes the conditioner lost by winter rain dilution and draining. Pools greater than 20,000 gallons are an additional $15.

In addition to weekly service, we also perform:

River City Pool Care is not responsible for: maintaining proper water levels in the pool or spa; cleaning or removing oil, scum, or mineral deposits on tiles or pool finish; lost animals; or removing excess debris due to nature or vandalism.